Trade Show

Come meet with all our great vendors at the Audio Bloggers Live! trade show, in the lobby of the Aero Theatre, and of course, all 4 of our bloggers!

A-Designs  A Designs

A-Designs Audio offers a combined total of 60+ years in engineering, sales and service experience. Our team of experts works for you, with total focus. We understand the transitional pro audio marketplace. Our lean, effective enterprise operates with precision and control, keeping costs to the consumer as attractive as possible while creating products which offer the utmost in pro performance, features, and usability


Audio Perception Audio

Audio Perception is an audio technology, consulting, design, support and sales company based in Los Angeles, California. They service a wide range of audio, entertainment and music professionals, including film and TV composers, music artists, songwriters, producers, studio owners, technology and entertainment companies and the audio post industry. David Knauer and Jason Atkinson, the founders of Audio Perception, each have over 30 years of experience that has accumulated in a broad knowledge of all things audio related. AP provides comprehensive service and support with a complete top to bottom approach. They specialize in covering everything from studio design, construction, acoustics and complete consultation services, to all types of tech support including, wiring, patch bays, wall panels, computers, software and instruction. Lastly, they carry a full line of audio equipment, hardware, software and more.


Kush AudioKush






LA Sound PanelsLASoundPanels

Founded by local LA musician, inventor, and entrepreneur, Mike Lizarraga. He and some friends needed to treat his studio. Unable to find a local place to buy acoustic panels; they decided to build the panels themselves. Finding the right materials and building the panels proved to be a tougher task than expected. By the time the panels were up on the walls, several days had passed and the music project was behind schedule. Mike decided he wanted to create an easy, convenient, and affordable option for music professionals to treat their studios and LA Sound Panels™ was born. Before long, LA Sound Panels™ had acoustic panels and bass traps in studios and businesses throughout CA, AZ, TX, and as far away as Taiwan. Today, LA Sound Panels™ offers several types of sound treatment and services to fulfill your needs.


Louder Than LiftoffLouder

What if gear could look, sound, and feel as inspiring as the artists performing in front of us or the melodies swirling in our heads?  We believe it can.  Your creative tools should have just as much care and passion infused into them as the music you are creating. So we have scrutinized every last detail with meticulous and purposeful intent. We have re-envisioned everything from the ground up. Nothing was sacred–not even the paint.  Our design philosophy is simple: to create imaginative products that achieve a synergy of sight, sound, and tactile experience. In other words–complete sensory satisfaction. Gear should never sound bad.  We believe in offering world class gear at prices everyone can afford.


Little LabsLittle

Since 1988 Little Labs has created audio tools for use in the pro audio industry, to aid the audio engineer in his quest for sonic pleasure for himself and his clients. Little Labs products specialize in addressing previously un-addressed audio applications, empowering the audio engineer with new tools, allowing new techniques to explore deeper into the control of sound.


Pearlman MicrophonesDP

Pearlman Microphones was started in the tech room of Rotund Rascal Recording in 2004 in order to provide high quality, hand made tube microphones to the public at a reasonable price.  Capsules hand tuned and assembled in Burbank, California – all microphone circuits point-to-point wired – proudly made in the USA!  Full service and warranty repair turn-around within one day. Call anytime and speak directly to Dave Pearlman.


Phoenix AudioPhoenix

At the forefront of circuit design since 1996 (and still today) is David Rees and Shaun Leveque. David is an ex-Neve design engineer with an impressive array of designs to his credit. Probably David’s most famous design is the Neve 2254 Limiter/compressor. Our range of products are designed, built and wired in-house by professional wiremen and engineers with many years experience that take great pride in the quality of their craftsmanship. We aim to produce First Class, Class A, discrete equipment that is fully backed by a growing network of dealers and distributors based in the US, across Europe and the rest of the world.  Phoenix Audio products are unique, original and are carefully and expertly designed to combine the advantages of many years of audio experience with today’s component and manufacturing technology.

mojave logo final-01Mojave Audio

David Royer started Mojave Audio in 1985 in the garage of his house. The location was Fullerton, California, and Mojave Audio was a one-man, custom pro audio gear shop. David, a Technical Grammy Award Winner, is known for his ribbon microphone designs with Royer Labs, but he originally started out designing and building vacuum tube microphones, mic preamps and compressors for engineers in the Los Angeles area under the Mojave name – many of which are still in service. Today, Mojave mics are used daily in studios around the world – from the highest echelons of recording royalty to the humblest of home recordists.