Charity Raffle

Audio Bloggers Live will be hosting an amazing charity raffle to help support Phoenix House. We have thousands of dollars in prizes line up and adding more all the time. Tickets will be 1 for $10 or 3 for $20 at Audio Bloggers Live!

If you can not make the live event but still want to help out, check out our special Online Charity Raffle, with thousands of dollars worth of additional prizes.

The Prizes below will be raffled live at Audio Bloggers Live!

6 Plugins from Kush Audio!!!

UBK Kush PusherKush Audio has licenses for 6 of their plugins. Kush Audio make some amazing sounding and innovated plugins. Their Clariphonic parallel EQ has become legendary among professional engineers and their Pusher plugin takes a completely unique approach to audio tone shaping. 10 lucky winners will have a chance to one of these ground breaking plugins. Kush Audio

Focusrite Clarett 2Pre -Thunderbolt Interface

Focusrite Clarett 2Pre


Perfect for the singer/songwriter, Focusrite’s Clarett 2Pre Thunderbolt interface gives you two pristine mic/instrument/line preamps, state-of-the-art 192kHz/24-bit digital conversion, and ultra-low round-trip latency, so you can use your DAW plug-ins for monitoring. Focusrite engineered the 10-in, 4-out Clarett 2Pre to deliver vanishingly low noise and distortion, and they included their “Air” effect, which models the sound of the company’s acclaimed ISA transformer-based preamps. The Focusrite Clarett 2Pre is the easiest way to get great-sounding recordings. Focusrite  A $499 value.

A Designs ATTY passive attenuator

A Designs ATTY Passive Attenuator

The ATTY (rhymes with “Patty”) is a no-compromise totally transparent passive two-channel line-level attenuator. ATTY’s attractive price point and tiny footprint (4-1/2” x 1-1/2” x 3”) makes it a highly versatile and convenient solution for many applications.  Suitable for use in any world-class recording facility, it can also serve as a cost-effective solution to more than a few problems faced by project studio owners, and is an invaluable addition to just about any live or remote broadcast rig. A Designs. 

A $100 value

Cloudlifter CL-1 from Cloud Microphones 

Cloudlifter CL-1It’s all about gain and impedance. While some of the best sounding microphones out there are low-output dynamics and ribbons, pre-amplification can be challenging due to the gain and impedance requirements. Cloudlifters address this by giving passive microphone signals a major inline boost -up to +25db of ultra-clean gain- while properly loading the microphones’ transformer for optimal performance. Cloud Microphones

A $146 value

Audio Perception – 1 service call up to 6 hours in the LA area

AudioAudio Perception is an audio technology, consulting, design, support and sales company based in Los Angeles, California. They service a wide range of audio, entertainment and music professionals, including film and TV composers, music artists, songwriters, producers, studio owners, technology and entertainment companies and the audio post industry. Audio Perception can customize a service plan to fit your specific tech support needs. The raffle winners prize can be used for tech support, install/updates or consulting.  Audio Perception 

Crane Song and Dave Hill Designs Plugins. 

Dave Hill DesignsDave Hill is one of the most respected recording hardware and software designers in the world. His designs are unique and forward thinking and have some of the best technical specs in the business. 3 lucky winners will be able to choose one of 3 amazing plugins designed by Dave Hill: RA non linear curve bender, Peacock vinyl emulation or Phoenix II tape emulation.

Value $449-499

IsoAcoustics – Aperta 200 standsAperta 200 BLK

IsoAcoustics manufactures a wider range of award-winning isolation stands for speakers and studio monitors that provide superior acoustic isolation and enhanced sound clarity.  IsoAcoustics stands are built with a unique, patented isolation technology that allows speakers to float in free space, resulting in authentic, clear uncolored sound  The Aperta 200, the latest addition to IsoAcoustics’ Aperta line which takes isolation and sound clarity to a new level, brings a new standard for aesthetic design with remarkable isolation and audio performance. The Aperta 200 stands are an ideal complement for studio monitors, large bookshelf, desktop and floor standing speakers.  Tilt adjustment to 6 degrees is provided to optimize speaker placement.

$249 value.

I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) License plugin (new from Sonic Studio and Legendary Audio)I.C.E. UI JPG

Most mastering and mix engineers are presented with tracks or mixes that are problematic, especially in terms of distortion and unwanted digital resonance. Until now, these problems could not be effectively addressed.  I.C.E.(In Case of Emergency) was developed to solve these previously irreversible and offending characteristics and is the only product on the market to do so. I.C.E. can dramatically improve sound quality of your recordings before they leave the Recording or Mastering Studio.  Use I.C.E. on individual tracks (in Pro Tools or equivalent) to ‘un-distort’, ‘Un-Eq’ if needed, address bad resonance and adjust the tone by boosting  frequency bands.  The result is a cleaner, multi-track product for your customers. I.C.E. enables the capability to “Master” each track.  In addition, I.C.E. works effectively on restoration, reducing unwanted components within a sound file, including undesirable distortion; “hot spots” and harshness; overmodulation and overloads; sibilance; resonances and “digititis” from converters; DAWs and DSP.
Your Audio is important. Don’t release your product without the improvements I.C.E. can make. FREE 14 day trial at and

A $289 value


Ian Shepherd PerceptionMastering Engineer Ian Shepherd’s Perception plugin allows you to find the perfect balance of loudness and dynamics for YOUR music – in any DAW, in any genre. Real-time, loudness-matched “before & after” comparisons enable you to quickly and easily hear how your music really stands up against the competition. Perception reveals the true effects of the “loudness war” on any piece of music. Hear past the “loudness deception” and find find the loudness sweet-spot for your music. “Perception is recommended without reservation, for anyone involved in mastering, at any level” – Hugh Robjohns, Sound On Sound Magazine

Value is $149


One Year Subscription to pureMix

2 Winners (additional chance to win at live event raffle)

As a subscriber, you have access to all video tutorials (including premium tutorials), the private forum, MixCheck track analysis features and you are eligible to enter all their Mixing Contests to win prizes at

Value of the Subscription is $269.99

Senal SMH-1200 – Enhanced Studio Monitor Headphones

Senal 1200 HeadphonesSMH-1200 Enhanced Studio Monitor Headphones from Senal is tuned for accurate music reproduction and studio monitoring. With a closed-back, over-the-ear, foldable design and features like interchangeable twist-locking cables, extra deep ear cushions, and a refined musical frequency response, the SMH-1200s are suitable for both audio professionals and enthusiasts.

Using 40mm Neodymium drivers, the headphones deliver a wide frequency response of 10 to 20,000 Hz with minimal distortion, a slightly boosted low end for well-defined bass and sub-bass, a smooth and pronounced midrange, and a clear intelligible high end.  Senal Sound

A $150 value